HHTS Director Lachlan Benson, was asked to join the Conversation Hour on ABC Melbourne Radio in early March, as hosts discussed truck drivers’ critical role to keep Australia moving and looked at what can be changed to support those in the industry.

During the segment, numerous drivers shared their personal experiences of life on the road and the nature of the industry.

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The following was taken from ABC The Conversation Hour: Driving A Truck Takes Its Toll.

About The Conversation Hour: Driving A Truck Takes Its Toll

Truck driving is the most common job for Australian men, but a recent Monash University survey has revealed the alarming health status of many drivers.

Drivers have high levels of obesity, chronic pain, psychological distress and poor nutrition, as well as dealing with loneliness and abuse.

2020 showed us how critical the role of truck drivers are to keep Australia moving, so what can be changed to keep truck drivers in the industry?

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