NRSPP is happy to welcome on board our new Program Partner, the Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA). We are looking forward to working with CMCA for the advancement of road safety in the Recreational Vehicle (RV) area, to help keep safety a priority when travelling and on vacations.

CMCA is a social club who makes road life easier for their members, ensuring opportunities for adventure, enjoyment, education and fun. Recreational Vehicle (RV) tourism is growing in popularity in Australia, and CMCA works to encourage, facilitate and maintain the RV lifestyle. As the largest RV club in Australia’s southern hemisphere, CMCA has over 70,000 members, who benefit from continuous support through many exclusive Member Benefits. CMCA brings these likeminded members together who have a common passion for the RV Lifestyle, and establishes government representation for them.

We look forward to our collaboration with CMCA in the near future.

What does road safety mean to CMCA?

Road safety is integral to the RV lifestyle as RVing is all about road travel. Therefore it is extremely important to CMCA. CMCA have also recently received a federal government grant to increase road safety awareness.

What are the commitments and actions which CMCA will develop and share through NRSPP?

  1. Holding a webinar about RV safety in 2021
  2. Providing articles, information, animations and videos to contribute to NRSPP Knowledge Centre in 2021
  3. Develop several pieces such as a Q&A, Thought Leadership and Case Study


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