Safer Together has recently published a new Learning Event Bulletin: “Loss of Load”.

This new resource studies a case where a piece of material (almost 7kg) fell off the back of a facilities maintenance contractor vehicle during the trip along a public highway, subsequent to departing from a power station. The contractor was unaware of the incident, with the material found on the roadside by company staff the next morning.

Safer Together has studied the case and assessed the risks involved with this incident. After outlining the reasons for this occurring, “Loss of Load” brings forth the lessons to be taken away from this, assisting others in understanding the potential hazards and how to approach them.

Learning Event Bulletins are resources that outline the key takeaways from unwanted events and/or safety threats, with the aim of minimising the number and frequency of these incidents.

Managers and HSE Advisers can share these tools with your front-line leaders (e.g. supervisors). The library of Learning Event Bulletins can be found here.

For Front-Line Leaders, print out these bulletins for your notice boards. Facilitate discussions about these Bulletins at site safety meetings (e.g. toolbox sessions, pre-tours). Ensure that the discussion flows both ways: provide information regarding the Event and resulting Lessons in the Bulletin, while also taking the chance to ask “Could this happen to you?” Send your feedback to Safer Together, at [email protected]

For Front-Line Workers, take part actively in the Bulletin discussions, and ask for opportunities to talk about these incidents and lessons with your work crew. Contribute to your Front-Line Leader’s feedback to Safer Together.

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