This article was taken from The City Fix: Why Sustainable Cities Need to Tackle Road Safety: Big Ideas Into Action Podcast.

Can a city where pedestrians, cyclists and children get injured or killed on the roads be a truly sustainable one? Given the rapid urbanization of the world’s population, road safety is a critical development and sustainability issue. This episode of WRI’s “Big Ideas Into Action” podcast examines why and how to make roads safer.

Over 1 million people are killed in traffic crashes each year. They are the biggest killer of children and young adults aged between 5 and 24. Their impact, especially in poorer communities, can be devastating. In the podcast, we hear from Ethiopian builder Habtamu Zerihun, who lost his job and fell into poverty after a severe injury from a collision in 2016.

WRI experts working in Turkey, Africa and Colombia discuss their work and the impact it has on road safety. We also hear from WRI Ross Center’s Director of Health and Road Safety, who explains why sustainable cities must have safe roads for everyone to use.

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