NRSPP extends a warm welcome to BINGO Industries as a new Program Partner.

We are excited to collaborate with BINGO Industries for the benefit and advancement of road safety, developing new tools and methods of driver training and assisting the fleets of many industries.

BINGO Industries is a recycling and resource management company with a fleet of 350 heavy vehicles and operate in New South Wales and Victoria.

You may know BINGO Industries for their bright orange trucks, but they are more than just Skip Bins and transport. BINGO Industries are also a recycling and resource management company. BINGO Industries ensure no resource is wasted, encouraging Australians to use wisely, use less and use again.

We look forward to working with Bingo Industries in the near future.

What does road safety mean to BINGO Industries?

At BINGO our number one priority is to ensure Zero Harm to our people and those who come into contact with our business. Having a fleet of over 350 vehicles on the road means there are many people in our communities who come into contact with our business. Road safety is an essential part of our commitment to Zero Harm and to us means that we commit to do anything in our power to ensure we have the most safety conscious drivers on the road and the safest and most compliant fleet of vehicles.

What are the commitments and actions which Bingo Industries will develop and share through NRSPP:

  1. The development of a NRSPP Case Study on the safety upgrades made to BINGO Industries trucks to improve visibility and pedestrian safety, and to share it with industry by mid-2021
  2. Following the development of the NRSPP Case Study BINGO Industries
  3. Develop and implement a Grey Fleet Management Strategy by 2022


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