‘Collision’, a new Learning Event Bulletin, has just been published by Safer Together. These are a great resource to assist with learning from threatening incidents in order to lower the number of high potential occurrences.

View and download ‘Collision’ on Safer Together’s webpage or NRSPP’s Resource page.

Here’s how to get the most out of this Bulletin:

For Managers and HSE Advisers: Share this resource with your front-line leaders and supervisors

For Front-Line Leaders and Supervisors: Print this resource out for your notice boards, and discuss it at your site safety meetings (such as toolbox sessions, pre-start meetings, pre-tours). Keep the discussion both ways. Distribute and talk about information covered in the Learning Event and take the opportunity to ask “Could this happen to you?” Send your feedback to Safer Together at [email protected]

For Front-Line Workers: Get involved and participate in discussions about this Bulletin and the issues raised. Ask your leaders or managers for opportunities to discuss the Bulletin with your colleagues, and help your leaders provide useful feedback to Safer Together.

Click here for Safer Together’s Library of Learning Event Bulletins.

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