The latest newsletter from Safer Together, released in August, includes several articles and topics of interest. These include new developments and programs, achievements and resources. See the links below for additional insight:

Safer and Stronger Together: Our First Ever Virtual Industry Safety Forum: Over 500 people all around Australia came together virtually on the 19th August for Safer Together’s first Virtual Industry Safety Forum, also the first webinar forum to be jointly hosted by the Qld and WA/NT Chapters of Safer Together.

The Common IVMS Specification Has Been Revised: Since it was published in 2015, Safe Together has made the first revision to the Common IVMS Specification, based on new technologies and understanding of working driver behavioural patterns.

Common Industry IVMS Roadmap Has Been Updated: Safe Together has made an update to the Common Industry IVMS Roadmap, in collaboration with the IVMS Specification Rev 2.

1H 2020 Safer Together Bulletin: An Engagement Tool To Keep Your People in the Loop: The new Bulletin from Safer Together includes the latest advancements in the company, engaging your workforce and keeping them in the loop about safety across the industry.

A New Health Working Group For WA/NT – Established on R U OK? Day: The first meeting of the Health Working Group in WA/NT will take place on the same day as R U OK? Day, with mental health to be the first issue addressed.

Helping Hands Workshop Activity is Now Available On-Line: The Helping Hands encourages teamwork and being aware of hand safety. If you happen to be involved in a team but are working remotely, connections are vital – this activity is therefore now available online.

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