Introducing MACA Inc. And Their National Survey

Mobility and Accessibility for Children in Australia Inc. (MACA) is a new not-for-profit organisation aiming to provide children with disability and medical conditions with access to safe transport.

Whether it be driving or public transport, mobility gives individuals and families opportunities to be involved in the community. Every child, including those with disability and medical conditions, should have access to travel safely.

Partnering with Curtin University and funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), MACA is working to create a national resource that will encourage the rights of every child to have access to a safe mode of transport, and involvement in the community. They are currently building a ‘one-stop shop’ website (scheduled for 2021), containing the latest information for everyone involved with children with disability and their transport.

Also planned for them is to work with health professionals, transport regulators and disability organisations, to support the best methods of practice, informed development, strategies, policies and practices. MACA will also be an expert source of support for families of children with disability (and/or medical conditions) and health professionals (scheduled for late 2021). Working with leading researchers, including Curtin University and Monash University Emerging Technologies Research Lab, MACA aims to expand information and evidence of this issue, in turn raising awareness of the needs of children with disability (and/or medical conditions) for safe transport. Additionally, grant projects will also be delivered for the Department of Transport (Victoria) and the Office of Road Safety (Road Safety Innovation Fund).

To do this, MACA and Curtin University have initiated a national survey, inviting parents, health professionals, companies and government agencies to contribute their knowledge regarding transporting children with disability. The goal is to gain an insight into their views and experiences with this topic.

Can you help MACA?

MACA’s vision of every child, in every circumstance, having access to safe transport, will only be achieved with your support.

Take the survey here: Transporting Children With Disabilities and Medical Conditions
More information here: MACA Inc. LinkedIn

Sourced from: MACA Inc. LinkedIn


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