After twelve years of hard work and development, working alongside the government, industry leaders and international professionals, NTI launches its new program: Traction.

Traction aims to improve safety and management risk within businesses, changing and enhancing safety culture. It’s about leadership and management, but it’s also much more than that. By encouraging every level of each organisation to take control of their role in this issue, Traction brings leadership to every person. When everyone is motivated and encouraged by the same company goals, a stronger team and safer business is born.

Safety in work environments is made mandatory by law, but NTI also wishes their employees and customers to have the best wellbeing possible. To do this, they have identified the challenge faced by many businesses – change. We live in a rapidly evolving environment, from new contracts, growth, novel technology and much more. NTI addresses the fact that these changes can pose difficulties towards health and safety at work, especially when more than one change occurs simultaneously.

That’s where Traction comes in. With its dynamic angle on growing safety and risk management within companies, its active approach presents a solution to maintaining and growing safety culture.

Sourced from: NTI Traction – Delivering Best Practice Safety Culture

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