NRSPP would like to warmly welcome Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds Foundation (HHTS) as our first Program Partner in our new home at Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC). NRSPP looks forward to working with them and the many organisations within the HHTS Foundation.

HHTS represents the first Program Partner of under our new Charter and Partner structure which will announce next week with more to come.

With HHTS official launch next week, Tuesday 18 August 2020, we wanted to wish them all the best for it. We will certainly be joining in the online event.

The timing for the establishment of HHTS is certainly needed.

When you consider safety is a shared responsibility and it is not just the physical which needs to be supported and focused but also the mental. When you consider the current period of disruption the need for such a body as HHTS is even more crucial for the mental health of the heavy vehicle, transport and logistics sector. Like NRSPP, HHTS is focused on working collaboratively with industry, government and experts to make an impact.

Perhaps a positive out of the current crisis is a shift towards creating stronger, supportive systems focused on people and communities built by collaboration.

Who is HHTS?

HHTS is a registered standalone Not for Profit (NFP) entity for the benefit of the broader supply chain industry as a whole with an independent industry and skills based board.

The overarching objective of HHTS is the creation of a single national mental health strategy for truck drivers, distribution and warehouse staff with the participation of smaller operators funded by the larger founding industry members. It is intended that HHTS remain in existence ad infinitum with majority industry funding and board representation as per its founding.

HHTS will be built on three key pillars, namely:

  1. An increase in the number of people trained in mental health at transport and logistics facilities
  2. Standardisation of policies and regulation at these facilities
  3. Helping the individual be healthier from a diet and mental health perspective

In the absence of a collective national approach to tackle ‘driver and shed’ mental health, leading road transport operators including Woolworths, Coles, Linfox, Toll, Qube, and Ron Finemore have all combined as founding members in conjunction with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and Federal Government to fund the inception and development of the Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds (HHTS) initiative.

Describe What Road Safety Means To HHTS?

We want to make mental and physical wellbeing in the road transport and logistics sectors as everyday as safety is in our industry.

What action(s) could your organisation do to support road safety through the NRSPP

  1. Provide communication channels across the road transport sector for NRSPP direct to operators – HHTS Website, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter
  2. Collaborate with NRSPP to apply for Federal road safety technology funding for a suicide prevention initiative
  3. Involve member operators in NRSPP pilots and case studies

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