Taken from the Australasian College of Road Safety (ACRS) newsletter.

Driver’s are being urged to take responsibility for road safety as fatalities continue to rise in Victoria, despite there being fewer cars on the road because of lockdown.  Complacency is being blamed for Victoria’s road toll surging despite fewer cars on the road due to the lockdown.  Three people died overnight on Friday alone, with the causes under investigation.

The number of deaths this year is 125, and people not wearing seatbelts and speed are key contributors.  Motorcyclist deaths, ­although down to 20 compared with 30 at the same time last year, are still causing particular concern.  The state government has revealed details of a new panel including riders, road safety experts and police to reduce motorcyclist deaths.

Road Safety Minister Ben Carroll said this year’s toll — while down on the 165 this time last year — was unacceptable given the roads were much quieter. The toll is 11 higher than at the same time in 2018. “There are still too many people dying on our roads. I urge everyone to play their part in keeping our roads safe for the rest of the year and ­beyond,’’ Mr Carroll said.  “Victorians must take ownership of road safety, make safe choices and be part of the reason why our state continues to be one of the world-leading jurisdictions when it comes to road safety.”

Road Safety Victoria head Robyn Seymour said: “It’s a stressful time for many, but that’s no excuse for being complacent or taking risks behind the wheel.”  In metropolitan areas 56 people have so far died, compared with 72 this time last year. Regional roads have had 69 deaths, down from 93.

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