Participants are wanted for a survey on Leadership and Safety and the findings will form part of an Honours thesis. It takes around 10 minutes to complete and is confidential and anonymous. The aim of this research is looking at the influence leadership has on the safety climate in an organisation. Specifically, which leadership style creates the most positive safety climate.

Safety climate is the shared perception on how a work group thinks and feels about policies, procedures, and norms and how to behave in their organisation (He et al., 2019). Safety climate is a strong indicator of work-related injuries and fatalities, which negatively impacts over 107,000 workers each year and costs the Australian economy over 60 billion dollars a year (Safe Work Australia, 2013). The style of leadership a leader employs, plays a crucial role in fostering a positive safety climate, above and beyond the policies and procedures an organisation has set in place (He et al., 2019).

This is extremely important right now in the current climate with COVID-19 and the impact financially and mentally that has and will continue to have on both the employees and the organisation.

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Participants are welcome to contact the members of the research team for further information
Dr Darren Wishart: [email protected]
Matt Saxinger: [email protected]

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