Safer Together has developed tools to help leaders promote visible safety leadership and effective safety conversations at site level.

Staying informed is an essential part of developing a strong safety culture. So it’s essential that company executive leaders make regular visits to worksites to talk informally with frontline personnel about the safety issues that relate directly to them.

During COVID-19, maintaining strong safety leadership is a challenge.  At the same time it could not be more important, particularly with changes to organisational design and people working remotely from site.

Safety leadership should remain a priority that is visibly demonstrated.

Safer Together’s Safety Leadership Visits Guide is now available to order online ​here.

We have also released a Remote Safety Leadership Guideline designed to directly support site leaders whilst enabling line of sight for remote leaders to remain connected. It provides suggested activities which align to the following safety culture framework elements:

  • Ensure Compliance
  • Encourage Team
  • Promote Risk Awareness
  • Involve The Team
  • HSE Team Support

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