Every organisation has a safety culture, but is it applied consistently or when a workplace is out of site it is out of mind. The moment a worker crosses the invisible line from a physical environment such as an office or factory to say the road the approach to safety changes. Next week NSW is holding a panel session with two business leaders whose entire focus is providing a safe work environment for their workers on the road. The statistics below clearly illustrate the risk. The opportunity as this webpanel will demonstrate is the organisation can play a huge role in influencing its workers when out on the road.

  • In NSW, almost 30% of workplace fatalities are a result of a road crash at work
  • Approximately 25% of the NSW road toll is fatalities from crashes involving a vehicle being used for business. The majority of these involve a car or light truck
  • The most at risk age group for work related motor accidents is the 45-54 year group (demographics with families, prime of working life etc)

What is your organisations workplace road safety culture? How are you engaging your workers?

We invite you to submit any questions you may have for the panellists in the comments section below.

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