In NSW, almost one in three workplace fatalities occur while someone is driving for work. Road crashes are the number one cause of death in the workplace and for many employers it is their greatest workplace risk. Under the Work Health and Safety Act (2011), all employers in NSW have an obligation to ensure all workers have a safe place to work, and this includes ensuring their workers safety on the road.

The NSW Government’s Road Safety Plan 2021 included a commitment to supporting employers and industry to embed a road safety culture, especially for work-related journeys and high risk shift workers.

In partnership with the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), Transport for NSW has developed a suite of resources to help employers understand the risks their workers face on the road, create an ethos of shared responsibility, and provide practical tips for reducing road trauma in the workplace.

September 2019 marked the first major milestone of this project, with a train-the-trainer workshop delivered to Transport for NSW regional teams and local government Road Safety Officers. The workshop, which is designed to support staff in engaging with employers, has since been delivered in Wagga Wagga, Parkes and Coffs Harbour, with 52 people being trained.

October 2019 marked the second major milestone – the launch of direct-to-employer events as part of Small Business Month. During the month long promotion, Transport for NSW headed out on the road to meet directly with employers and stakeholders. These events focused on local case studies and trauma information, and provided participants with takeaway resources to assist them to develop their own road safety policy and create a workplace conversation around road safety. Similar events will continue throughout 2020.

A social media campaign was launched to support these activities. Targeted posts were showcased on Facebook throughout October and November 2019, with a LinkedIn message directed at employers. This campaign was coordinated across NSW government and was featured on a number of partner social media channels.

The first event under the project for 2020 will take place on 11 March when Transport for NSW will be running a live webinar, in partnership with NRSPP. The webinar will feature a panel discussion with Chris Dhu (Head of Fleet, Essential Energy), Michael Johnson (Site Manager, Capital and Woodland Wind Farms) and Bernard Carlon (Executive Director, Centres for Road Safety and Maritime Safety, Transport for NSW) discussing processes and technologies to successfully instil a positive road safety culture in the workplace. To register for this upcoming webinar, click here.

More information on this project as well as supporting information, resources and fact sheets are available on the Centre for Road Safety website. For advice on how you can be part of this journey, or to register for an event, please contact us

Too many lives are lost on NSW roads. Our goal is zero.