Safer Together recently published a Learning Event Bulletin about an unintentional trailer disconnection.  One of our members, Centurion, has an innovation that will help.  And they want to let the Industry know about it.

Centurion knows that kingpins don’t always securely lock into the jaws of the turntable. Once a trailer is hitched it is very difficult to do a visual check to confirm the kingpin is locked without climbing under the trailer.  At night this is nearly impossible.

Kingpins not being locked-in correctly is especially common when loading a trailer which is on an incline relative to the prime mover, causing a ‘high-hitch’.  A high-hitch happens when the kingpin goes into the turntable, but does not activate the locking jaws to close around it.  This is because it has bypassed the mechanism.  The existing safety flap will still come down and the lever can still be moved into the lock position.

With Centurion’s support a small workforce team set out to solve this problem.  As a result, Centurion has designed and successfully trialed a new ‘safety indicator pin’ mechanism.  Centurion is now moving to implement this device across its fleet of 700 trailers and dolleys.  The new device can be fitted to new and existing turntables in operation.

Centurion’s National Plant and Asset Manager Andrew Foster has overseen the development of the device from start to finish and recognises the importance of this innovation for the entirety of the transport industry. “The device has the potential to benefit not only our business but also the wider community. All drivers can be better equipped to ensure trailers are hitched properly, resulting in a safer work environment and safer roads for all road-users.”

The new safety indicator pin device will:

  • ensure the kingpin is physically locked into the jaws by means of a mechanical connection.
  • enable the driver to visually confirm, from the side of the trailer, that the kingpin is locked in.
  • allow simple fitting to existing or new turntables, with the device bolting into existing holes and minor welding.

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