Many in the community were touched by RAAG’s award-winning Ripple Effect V1 and V2 productions. “Consequences” lifts the message to a new level. All who watch this video will be impacted by its message.

RAAG’s goal was to develop a hard-hitting educational video to invoke action. Encouraging ‘Mates’ to STEP UP and stop others from taking risks, driving when they shouldn’t or doing something that they know is wrong.

The project partnership included the offender, victim’s family, community, RAAG volunteers, and Government Agencies. The video producers graphically captured the aims of the project which will certainly be a trigger for the sharing and distribution of Consequences far and wide. The Department of Justice will use the video with future offenders.

The victim’s wife Helen (who sponsored the video) wanted the production to be a legacy in Ken’s memory to help educate other young motorists to think before they drive. The offender needed to tell his story so that others understand the harm he has caused the victim and family; his own family and himself by not understanding the consequences of decisions he made that night. He wants to encourage others to STEP UP and watch out for mates.

The project and message are designed to impact all road users including young drivers, families, friends, work mates and school mates. Be a MATE – STEP UP and help those who need it.

Video link to Consequences

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