A road safety highlight every year is the Australasian Road Safety Conference (ARSC). This year saw  ARSC2019 hosted by Adelaide where nearly 600 delegates gathered to explore road safety which was themed, “Leading the Way – Towards Zero!”.

To support the conference and drive forward practical applied research in the workplace road safety space, NRSPP has proudly sponsored for the past three years “Best Paper with Implications for Improving Workplace Road Safety Award”.

This year’s winner was

Michael Holmes from Transport for NSW for his paper A Review on International Best Practices to Improve Heavy Vehicle Safety in Urban Environments.

The presentation highlighted the best practices identified and reviewed as part of a 2018 Churchill Fellowship and provides recommendations for governments, infrastructure planners, constructors and developers to consider in mitigating potential road safety impacts with the urban freight task.

NRSPP would like make a special mention of a close runner-up of Dr Marilyn Johnsons presentation which was titled:

 Truck drivers on bicycles: insights from the first year of vulnerable road user training for heavy vehicle drivers on major projects

Both papers aligned to a key opportunity for national leadership in road safety in establishing a minimum standard for heavy vehicles, driver training and journey and work site management in the major construction sector. With nearly $80 billion of major transport infrastructure under construction, there is a powerful market driven mechanism to include road safety as part of delivering these.

The ARSC 2019 conference was led by Australasian College of Road Safety (ACRS) & Austroads, and our co-Chair organisations CASR University of Adelaide.

As the winner of this year, Michael received $1000 in prize money and will have a his paper turned into a thought leadership paper and webinar.

Last year’s winner was Dr Sarah Jones from Toll Group which led to NRSPP Thought Leadership: Shared Obligation: Third Party Driving Behavior Impacts Industry Road Safety Efforts and Webinar: Learning the Lessons: What Ten Years of Fatalities Data at Toll Group can Teach Us about Road Safety