Leading Out of Home advertising company oOh!media is partnering with the Re:act road safety behaviour change program to share fresh, innovative road safety messages direct to the public.

Under the new partnership, oOh! will activate campaigns created by communication design students as part of Re:act on more than 300 digital screens in universities, bars, retail outlets and roadside locations, across inner city Melbourne and Sydney, starting this week.

The university students have worked with behaviour change agency Hard Edge, which founded Re:act, and oOh! to develop the campaigns specifically for digital distribution across its network.

“The vision for Re:act is to activate road safety campaigns developed by young people through the Re:act program into the public domain for positive impact on our roads,” Hard Edge Managing Director Andrew Hardwick said.

“The partnership with oOh! is a major step in realising that vision, and we couldn’t be happier for this future collaboration.

“oOh! also shares an encouraging and positive mindset towards creating opportunities and experience for the students to help develop and showcase their abilities and have their voices heard.”

Each year, the Re:act behaviour change initiative challenges university communication design students to raise awareness of road safety issues and change behaviour among 18-25 year olds; their peers.

As part of Re:act 2019, more than 40 communication design students across Swinburne University in Victoria and University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in NSW were challenged to create a campaign that builds shared responsibility for road safety between vehicle drivers and vulnerable road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, and encourages understanding between different road user types.

“Partnering with Re:act is a natural fit for oOh!, enabling the amplification of road safety messages to Australians on our network, and in particular showcasing these across our university partners’ assets.” David Scribner Chief Customer Officer, oOh!media

The student campaigns selected as the most compelling, and which will feature as part of the new Re:act-oOh! partnership, are:

  • #ThanksMate, a campaign that reinforces positive behaviours by thanking road users for doing the right thing by each other, and
  • 100% Human, which aims to unify young road users by highlighting how they all play a role in keeping each other safe.

In 2020, the Re:act program is expected to expand nationally, with the addition of Western Australia and Queensland, and internationally, into the United Kingdom.

For more information on Re:act, including videos from the Swinburne and UTS pitch days, visit www.re-act.com.au

For further information:

Andrew Hardwick
Managing Director
0417 334 399