The purpose of this Expression of Interest (EoI) Invitation is to invite qualified organisations or consortia to formally express an interest in hosting the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP).

An Assessment Panel consisting of representatives from the NRSPP’s Steering Committee (SC) and Governance Board (GB) will evaluate each EoI against the Key Selection Criteria.

Organisations intending to submit an EoIare asked to lodge their interest with Program Manager Jerome Carslake via email [email protected]

This Blog will function as a Question and Answer panel where questions submitted to Jerome will be answered, all those registered will then be informed of an update via email. Jerome is on leave from the 29 August through to 16 September.

To submit EoI an EoI please go to, search for National Road Safety Partnership Program Invitation for Expression of Interest.

Should you have any concerns or issues please contact Jerome Carslake.

Questions Posed

Question 1: In examining the requirements there is mention of qualified organisations—what is a qualified organisation in this context?

Answer: Established systems, good governance, financial security, independence, applicable business focus and supporting systems for delivery of nrspp.

Question 2: Are there any other specific or mandatory requirements which need to be mindful of in order to be considered?

Answer: Melbourne operational support for a manager and an intern. Possible additional supporting junior or shared or part-time/casual resource. Webinar/podcast capacity which is easy to set up and low cost to set up. The national angle is not relevant, ARRB is national but beyond Melbourne office, little program growth came from any other state offices,  all partners came through industry or core funding partner networks. It’s about being a modern workforce and using the comms medium to be efficient and travel when needed.

Question 3: The timeframe indicated identifies that the successful host will be advised within 6 days of submission. Are there extraneous pressures that are driving this quick turnaround?

Answer: We have a strong desire, as does our funders, to make the transition as quickly and smoothly as possible such that the program can evolve to its next stage and become fully active. The current funding will be transferred from ARRB to the new host was confirmed.

Question 4: Is NRSPP seeking a resource or two to assist you or a consulting solution for 3 years to manage the program and support you?

Answer: It entirely comes down to the host organisation. Since launch NRSPP has used a combination of approaches to maximise efficiency including internal, outsource, leverage off partners and casuals. The only specific assigned resource has been the Swinburne intern and two ARRB interns over the summer of 2016 and 2017 which did a specific project and range of work. Both went on to be casuals for NRSPP and helped develop content such as quick facts, Q&As, Fact Sheets, etc.

The proposed resourcing includes a manager, intern and then casual or equivalent to assist with content and managing of working groups as required. The Working Groups could even be professional development but NRSPP has drawn in people as needed to assist. The Utilities Forum as an example prior to this year ARRB did all of the analysis but has been outsourced such that the analysis of templates can be guaranteed and performed to a higher standard. The joint facilitator with the program manager has been the same every year and that is Tim Roberts based in Perth.

Question 5: Is this an open tender?

Answer: Yes, any organisation may apply to be the new host. The selection panel consists of core funders and industry representatives from the Steering Committee. The new host has the chance to bring a growing program into their organisation and help take it to the next stage. There are many exciting things in the pipeline all being explored through a co-design approach. The power of the program has been the focus on the risk and open collaboration approach to exploring solutions. NRSPP is protective of its partners and as such, they strongly support the program.

Question 6: What would the ideal type of organisation be for NRSPP?

Answer: An organisation that supports creativity, collaboration and the opportunity provide leadership in this space. A place where they can see the value and add their unique touch to the next stage of the program. Supports innovation approach to using many different partners to achieve an outcome. The focus is on the program not to make a profit or use its partners as a possible opportunity but to be part of helping facilitate partners to understand problems and identify potential solutions. Ability to leverage off existing systems and approaches where it is mutually beneficial and another is a bit of fun as well.

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