When Nestlé Australia became a NRSPP Program Partner they said they had a great story to share and they were right. Nestlé Australia are addressing the big question and conundrum facing many organisations, how to provide a duty of care to its workers and manage the distraction risk associated with a mobile phone.

The first key step, having an internal leader who is passionate about safety and bringing their workers along on a journey.

Enter Luke Byrnes, SHE Manager – Admin & Sales for Nestlé Australia, passionate creative leader in safety. To illustrate Luke’s passion he brought Nestlé Australia into the NRSPP Partnership to share their journey so other organisations can draw on their learnings but also offer their constructive insights which he can draw on.

To understand Nestlé Australia journey, we released this month the case study: Nestlé Australia Distracted Drivers: how to engage drivers in workplace road safety and stop mobile phone use while driving.

When Nestlé in Australia took the bold step to stop mobile phone use while driving, to address driver distraction, it expected some resistance. It got the opposite, receiving virtually unanimous support across all levels of the organisation and employees who drive for work feeling the company values their safety.

Workers need to buy-in to any policy, understand the why, supporting education and how it applies to their personal circumstances. Remember operating on the road is pretty much an autonomous role, so hearts and mind is crucial for success.

This was no easy task which Luke achieved but was underpinned by strong and engaging implementation plan with workers.

Want to know even more, please join Luke Brynes and NRSPP Program Manager Jerome Carslake on the 31 July for the free webinar Talking Mobile Phone Use In Vehicles with Nestlé