On May 24, the 3rd day of the 2019 Australasian Fleet Managemet Forum (AfMA) Conference, NRSPP conducted a fully interactive conversationon the realities of Grey Fleet Management.

This session included live polling throughout and questioning from the floor.

So first our panelists included:

  • Jerome Carslake (Facilitator), NRSPP Program Manager and Principle Professional Leader at the Australian Road Research Board.
  • Associate Professor Tania Leiman, Dean of Law at Flinders University author of Grey Fleet and more recently Light Fleet legal implications for Businesses.
  • Richard Schuster, Group Manager Procurement, Fleet and Sustainability at Church of Christ Queensland – plus claim to fame as winner of all three AfMA fleet manager awards.
  • Katherine Teh Managing Director at Futureye and expert in change management – how to get bring your workers along on the journey.
  • Dwayne Duncum – Health, Safety, Wellbeing and Environmental expert.

Richard and Dwayne both worked with NRSPP to develop the Grey Fleet Management Guide, Tania developed NRSPP Grey and Light FleetL Legal Implications for Businesses; and Katherine on the Safe Use of Mobiles in Vehicles Guide.

Interested in knowing more about what was discovered in our interactive session…

When you hear the term grey fleet what does it conjure up inside you?

Who in the room has Grey Fleet?

What does your Grey Fleet consist of?

For your Grey Fleet, what does our organisation know?

What are the major risks of concerns facing organisations with Grey Fleet?

Who is part of the driving community within an organisation?

Just some of the questions put to the panel

Thank you to AfMA for the opportunity.

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