Please Note: this is independent research, it is not supported or being conducted on behalf of government, the NRSPP or its funders. Any findings are those of the researcher.

The survey is confidential. No individual participant will be identified to a third party. The results will only be used as aggregate outcomes. Once analysed, the data will be destroyed.

Dr Joao Canoquena, former Visiting Fellow and PhD graduate from the Queensland University of Technology, is the survey author. Dr Canoquena is the person solely responsible for the accuracy, acceptability and functionality of the survey. Any issues with the survey should be directed to [email protected] or [email protected]

This survey acknowledges that the measurement of the effectiveness of a road safety strategy should be, as far as possible, objective. This means having scientific methods to do so. However, as Sir Robert Peel, the Father of modern Policing, once said, the work of the Police is effective when it enjoys community support. This support is perceptual. It can be shaped by facts. However, in the absence of comprehensive facts and widespread community engagement in policy design, community attitudes are shaped by anecdotes, personal experiences and the views of respected community members.

This survey seeks to capture the attitudes/perceptions of the community about a number of road safety strategies, especially mobile drug tests.

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