Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has urged tech giants to help reduce the road toll by inventing technology that prevents driver distraction.   Calling out Queensland’s road toll for being too high, Mr McCormack exclusively told The Courier-Mail more could be done by all levels of government and the private sector. “Once upon a time the car boot was considered modern technology when it was first invented for the earliest of automobile designs and some people choose to lock their iPhones in the boot, before they drive,” Mr McCormack said.

He said while drivers could access the applications already available to disable phones, to remove the temptation to be distracted, more could be done. “I (will) write to telecommunication and information technology companies on the important issue of driver distraction,” he said. “Understanding new technologies and innovations and how they could be accelerated – not only in the vehicle itself, but across all factors of vehicle control – has the potential to deliver significant road safety improvements and outcomes.”

Visit the Deputy Prime Minister’s Website and watch the Deputy Prime Minister’s ARSC2018 Conference Dinner Speech here.

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