The power of a case study is that it helps share a story of how one organisation has made a difference. In this new case Church of Christ in Queensland (CofCQ) demonstrates how it initiated its road safety journey, ensured buy-in from all levels of the organisation, linked road safety with sustainability, and started with easy wins in deciding the first road safety measures to be implemented.

For Richard Schuster, Fleet Manager at CofCQ, it provides a chance for him to demonstrate how a not-for-profit can make fleet safety and sustainability front of mind for all its staff.

“When managing the safety of our workers on the road we want them to always return home in the same condition they left. We deliver care to some of the most vulnerable in society so I need to be able to justify any investments. For safety it is easy and when tied in with sustainability it helps us to deliver more.

“The approach we take in CofCQ to workplace road safety is multi-pronged in reality. Safe vehicles are a key element and ensuring they have the newest preventative technologies also helps with our sustainability goals as well for reduced emissions.

“Engaging our drivers on the key risks and having regular conversations around the road as a workplace helps keep the road-related risks front of mind. The best option we can start with is asking the question is the journey necessary, are there alternatives and if they are a journey saved is reduced road risk and emissions. Win-win.

I am proud to share the CofCQ story in this Case Study. I hope other organisations can draw off its learning and understand success really comes through partnerships. The entire safety journey for CofCQ is just that and our key partners really are our workers and the community we operate in.

About CofCQ:

CofCQ has been an active part of the community for more than 130 years. With a significant presence in Queensland and Victoria, and a medical operation in Vanuatu, it delivers more than 300 services in more than 100 communities. Its 3,300 staff and 1,500 volunteers operate a range of community care and mission and outreach services to assist families, the elderly and people in need through church communities and its care services groups, operated through Churches of Christ Care.

CofCQ has a fleet of 600 vehicles and travels 11 million per annum.

Winner of the Australasian  Fleet Management Award (AfMA) for

  • Fleet Environment Award 2017
  • Fleet Manager of the Year 2008
  • Fleet Safety Award 2003.

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