Together in Toowoomba: Highlights from the Industry Safety Forum (20 June 2018)

The latest Industry Safety Forum, held in Toowoomba, provided an opportunity for senior leaders across the industry to go out into the region to hear the stories of, and gain insights from a range of locally-based member companies about their particular safety challenges and their experiences to date of using Safer Together tools and programs…..... more >

Helping Hands and Building Teams at Downer

Downer recently engaged Safer Together to facilitate the Helping Hands activity. The result? Teamwork, an appreciation of how difficult life would be without the full use of both hands, commitment to hand and finger preservation, and 10 prosthetic hands donated to people in the developing world…….. more >

Safer Together WA/NT: New Members and SLG Appointments

We extend a warm welcome to 6 new member companies that joined our community of safety leaders in July 2018…….. more >

Taking Safer Together to the Top End

As part of its ongoing commitment to engage with local businesses in the Northern Territory, the Safety Leaders Group (SLG) of Safer Together WA/NT went to Darwin in July……… more >

Effective Wellsite Permit to Work

Safer Together and the Wellsite Permit to Work Association have jointly published a Case Study – Standard Operating Procedures Under a Permit to Work System…….. more >

Contain It! Availability Extended

Safer Together has recently extended its contract for the core maintenance and insurance of Contain It! with Gasworks. This means that Contain It! continues to be available as a world-first initiative for our members for raising process safety awareness!…….. more >

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