By 2020 up to 50 per cent of our trips will happen on freeways. This is why VicRoads is using smart technology to manage some of their busiest freeways and motorways to improve traffic flow and road safety.

Over the next 12 months, variable speed signs, ramp signals, travel time signs, underground sensors and CCTV cameras will be continued to be rolled-out progressively as part of major freeway upgrades across Melbourne.

Ahead of the Road Infrastructure Planning & Delivery Summit, Wayne Harvey, Manager of Smart Journey Systems at VicRoads shares the strategies his team is using to design, implement and maintain Electrical & Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to create one smart and inter-connected road network across Melbourne.

Read the article: How VicRoads is using smart technology to improve traffic flow and road safety

Download the article to learn more about:

  • Using ITS infrastructure to manage new road networks
  • Understanding the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of ITS infrastructure
  • Capturing road data to improve traffic flow
  • The impact smart technology can have for drivers and the broader economy

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