How time flies since the launch of the program as part of the 2nd UN Decade of Action on Road Safety. Reflecting over the past four years, collaboration between industry, researchers and government has delivered so much.

The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) is a government-supported, industry-led, collaborative network which aims to support Australian businesses and organisations to develop a positive road safety culture and help protect their workers and the public, not only during work hours, but also when staff are ‘off-duty’.

Over the past four years the NRSPP has formerly developed partnership with 84 organisations, and this number is ever rising. The NRSPP continues to gain it’s cut-through to the growing partnership base via the use of the website, which has over 2092 partners.

Over the past 4 years the NRSPP has developed a wealth of knowledge which can be found within the knowledge Centre on the Website. The NRSPP has specifically developed:

  • 32 Case Studies
  • 42 Webinars
  • 17 Thought Leadership Articles
  • 33 Discussions Papers, Fact Sheets and Policy Guides
  • 4 Research Reports
  • 10 B2B Videos
  • 42 Quick Facts

Many of these knowledge documents that are generated through working groups within the NRSPP. The NRSPP has established seven working groups, three of which are now in maintenance as they have been completed. The active working groups include Grey Fleet, High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV), Re:act and the Utilities Forum. Those in maintenance include, Safe Use of Mobiles in Vehicles, Driver Headspace and B2B Safer Vehicles are better. The NRSPP has been providing leadership where the Steering Committee has identified gaps and opportunities in how they are being addressed.

As an example, the recent commencement of HOV exploring the safety management of passenger carrying vehicles with capacity 8-20. There is already strong industry buy-in as what has been done to date has been in isolation and described as a safety governance black hole. There are huge benefits this collaborative working group can deliver.

The other areas are special projects exploring the development of eLearning modules around safe interactions of heavy and light vehicles and bringing Transport for London’s Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) to Australia.

The NRSPP’s webinar program is growing rapidly, with more and more people realising the benefits of these sessions. Here are some quotes from some of our participants:

“No messing around with how important people are or their titles just got into the meat of the topic quickly.”
“Please continue these as they are very insightful and good form of communication.”
“I would recommend them to others.”
“Keep them coming.”
“Great resource!”
“Many more of them please, because we need to get this information out there to people we work with.”

Additionally, the NRSPP have also developed four tools which can be used to assist organisations with the management of fleets and overall road safety practices. These include: the Total Road Incident Cost Calculator, Guide to Developing an Effective Mobile Phone Policy, Grey Fleet Safety Management Guide and Benchmarking framework.

A stand out has been Re:act which each year has grown. What Re:act as demonstrated is any organisation can make the difference and promote road safety. Re:act is led by strategic communications agency Hard Edge in conjunction with Swinburne University who are both Program Partners. The top three student campaigns on how influencing 18-24 road users to safely interact with trucks presented to Trucking Australia 2018 in Canberra and the winner at the 28th Arrb Conference in Brisbane. (Insert top three posters)

The new NRSPP website is also a major improvement helping improve access and searchability for all users. The program aims to be responsive to its partners and the new website has removed the registration such that content can be accessed and linked to effortlessly.

Recently, the NRSPP undertook a new venture, Tool Box Talks. So far, four of 18 Tool Box Talks have been released. Tool Box talks can be utilised to communicate information and knowledge and/or discuss occupational health and safety or operational issues within a workplace. Tool Box Talks are 15-20 minute presentations which provide knowledge regarding work-related driving & promote discussion and awareness of work-related driving safety. Consequently, tool box talks are an ideal broad-based intervention strategy that can be used to highlight issues associated with work driving safety. All 18 Tool Box Talk Packages are available to industry for a limited time discounted price of AU$4000, plus GST. Then, after this limited time they will be $300 per topic Organisations which sign up early to the packages will be able to guide which topics are prioritised for development.


NRSPP is also gaining headway on social media, we now have 422 followers on linked in and 440 followers on twitter!

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