Written by PerthNow, May 4 2018 

ANOTHER distracted driver has been caught on camera on a Perth freeway.

This time footage posted online shows a laptop sitting on the dash of the hatchback and the driver appears to be watching a video.

The vehicle was approaching the Ocean Reef Road exit on Mitchell Freeway early on Wednesday morning.

WA acting Road Safety Commissioner Iain Cameron said the driver’s actions were extremely dangerous and selfish.

“I’m horrified,” he said.

“Whether it’s watching a laptop computer or using a mobile phone, our brains aren’t wired to do two things at once well.”

Distracted drivers can face a fine of at least $300 and three demerit points and can be charged with careless driving.

Police last month tracked down a woman who was filmed staring at her phone as she drove in heavy traffic on Mitchell Freeway near Leederville.

She was fined $400 and docked three demerit points.

Also last month, a 19-year-old Connolly woman was last month fined $300 and lost three demerit points after being caught eating cereal behind the wheel.

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