NRSPP would like to warmly welcome Epic Energy as a program Partner and looks forward to working with them in the future.

Who are Epic Energy?

Epic Energy operate within the Oil and Gas Pipeline Transportation industry. Epic Energy operate 50 company vehicles, will approximately 20 full-time Grey Fleet Vehicles. In addition, Epic Energy have hundred of contractor vehicles operating on behalf of them from time to time.

What does Road Safety mean to Epic Energy?

  • Operating vehicles and driving has been identified as the highest inherent health and safety risk to Epic Energy.
  • Epic Energy own and operate the gas transmission line from Moomba to Adelaide and drive millions of km’s on major highways, roads and right of way access areas per year.
  • Epic Energy take vehicles and driving and road safety very serious, with many mitigating controls in place such as journey plans, IVMS continuous 24/7 monitoring, and 2 hourly check in’s.
  • Epic Energy is committed to road safety and to be part of the solution for improving road safety for all Australian’s.

What are Epic Energy’s NRSPP Road Safety Commitments?

  1. Share Epic Energy’s experience with the broader nation through the National Road Safety Partnership Program
  2. Provide any research findings or approaches Epic Energy discovers to work in relation to road safety.
  3. Actively participate in workshops or brainstorming events with other partners in aid to achieve a better road safety outcome for all.

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