Over the past few months the NRSPP team have been busy developing a new form of content to assist workplace road safety managers with educating their workers on road safety.

Tool Box talks can be utilised to communicate information and knowledge and/or discuss occupational health and safety or operational issues within a workplace.

Tool Box Talks are 15-20 minute presentations which provide knowledge regarding work-related driving & promote discussion and awareness of work-related driving safety. Consequently, tool box talks are an ideal broad-based intervention strategy that can be used to highlight issues associated with work driving safety.

Tool Box Talk Packages will be released monthly, and cover 18 work driving safety topics including:

  • Dangers of mobile phone use;
  • Preventing low speed manoeuvring crashes; and
  • Reducing close following and rear end crashes.

These topics were chosen from the results of our survey which we undertook late last year.

All 18 Tool Box Talk Packages are available to industry for a limited time discounted price of AU$4000, plus GST. Then, after this limited time they will be $300 per topic Organisations which sign up early to the packages will be able to guide which topics are prioritised for development.

Each Tool Box Talk Package supplied electronically contains the following items to assist industry in delivery:

  • Aid for the promotion of discussion
  • Topic background information and fact sheet
  • Poster
  • Discussion prompt sheet
  • Participant attendance record sheet
  • Participant self-assessment sheet
  • Discussion review sheet
  • Supporting four slide Power Point Presentation

Benefits of this approach include:

  • Consistent safety messaging to workers which is based on the latest evidence and data available
  • An easy regular monthly safety message which can be utilised through your organisation
  • Workers no matter which organisation they are in, should they move to another receive consistent messaging on safety risk management.
  • Low-cost, engaging and ready made to have greatest impact

For more information contact:

Jerome Carslake
P: +61 3 9881 1670
email [email protected]

Dr Darren Wishart
P: +61 7 3260 3525
email [email protected]

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