SLG on Curtis Island: Listen – Learn – Engage

19 executive leaders from 9 Operating Companies and 10 Contract Partner Companies recently went to Gladstone to visit the 3 LNG Plants on Curtis Island. They did this because they wanted to listen to and learn from the people who work on these sites day-in day-out, and to engage directly with them in a meaningful conversation about safety…….. more

Driving Behaviour. It’s Not “Them”, It’s “You”.

“Driving must be treated as seriously as process safety. The cost to each of us, our families and friends, and the community is too great. As our work fronts expand away from our hubs, as we collectively tighten our belts we have to change the way we work. This requires a revolution in the way we think about driving. We don’t have a choice. ” …… more >

Go to the Library! Safety Leadership Materials

Are you looking for ideas for your next safety moment or a toolbox? Look no further! Did you know there is wealth of useful safety resources in the member’s area of the Safer Together website, provided by members of the Safer Together community specifically for the benefit of other member companies? ……. more >

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