NRSPP would like to warmly welcome Innovation Group as a Program Partner and looks forward to working with them in the future.

What sector does your organisation operate within?

Insurance, Fleet, Claims and Accident Management

What size is your fleet or the number of staff who generate your transport task?

Innovation Group do not manage our own fleet, we provide Accident Management and Risk Mitigation services to over 1,200 direct and indirect (FMO’s) fleet customers across Australia and NZ, totalling 500,000 vehicles, and 900,000 vehicles internationally.

Describe your organisation and what road safety means to your it?

Innovation Group is a specialist business service and solution provider to the global Property, Casualty Insurance, Financial Services, Motor and Fleet markets. We work with and service 1,200 fleet clients and currently manage approximately 500,000 vehicles across Australia & New Zealand, and over 900,000 vehicles internationally through the provision of accident management and risk mitigation services.

Innovation Group will continue to play a pivotal role in the ongoing diversification of solutions and offerings to the fleet industry in Australia. This is achieved through being part of a global technology provider with both vision and innovative approach to solving business problems.

Often referred to as the ‘best practice’ provider in the market, Innovation Group is one of the few truly independent providers of Accident Management and Risk Management services as their core business. This allows Innovation Group to spend more time managing the Accident Management process and ensuring that clients are taken care of correctly from the moment they lodge an incident.

In recent times, Duty of Care and Grey Fleet management have become forefront in the marketplace. Employee safety and statutory legislation states that organisations need to provide a safe place of work for employees; this applies to motor vehicles as they are considered a place of work for employees who drive on company business, whether driving a company provided vehicle or their own vehicle.

Innovation Group has advanced its service offering to address this shift in the marketplace requirement offering a total fleet risk management solution, under the Innovation Group Duty of Care Strategy. As part of this offering Innovation Group have partnered with Fleetcoach, an online driver training program that is scientifically proven to reduce crash risk.

Our passion and support for road safety can best surmised by our belief that there is no such thing as a motor vehicle accident. An accident by definition “is a mishap, an event that has no apparent cause; a chance event”. By default accidents are rare in occurrence. The average crash rate for a corporate fleet is around 30%. By any measure a ratio of 1:3 is not considered rare or a chance event. Innovation Group refers to collisions, crashes or incidents as they are not rare events that happen by chance. Inattention, distraction, speed, alcohol are choices; not chance events.

Why become a Partner?

Given the nature of the industry in which we operate, Innovation Group feel with our breadth of experience and insights, along with a shared desire to make drivers and Australian roads safer, we are in a place to positively contribute some real data and science to the partnership program.

What action(s) could your organisation do to support road safety through the NRSPP?  Date Planned
1. Thought leadership and International research papers on driver behaviour, and effective training that is scientifically proven to reduce crash risk, based on 30 years of research from tens of thousands of drivers. Feb 2018
2. Webinars – Based on research and insights, Innovation Group can provide webinars on some interesting relevant topics associated with the industry and objectives of NRSPP.


e..g. our partners at Fleetcoach would make available, Dr. Robert Isler – Head of Research at Fleetcoach, and Associate Professor and Director of (TARS) Traffic and Road Safety at Waikato University. One recent paper on Mindfulness & Wellbeing “The way we drive, is the way we work and live”

3. Insights into what Fleet companies find most effective in reducing accident rates. Nov 2017
4. Data and statistics on reported collisions for customers we manage. Jan 2018 and ongoing

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