SLG Visits Gladstone LNG Plants and Celebrates 100th Member Company

The end of winter in Queensland heralds not only warmer, longer days ahead…it also reminds us that the cricket season is just around the corner.  In the same way that a cricketing batsman celebrates scoring 100 runs (the fabled “ton”), when the SLG met on August 31 in Gladstone, members were very pleased to celebrate a significant milestone…Safer Together’s 100th member company.  The up-beat mood of this celebration was enhanced by a visit to the Curtis Island LNG plants (APLNG; GLNG; QCLNG), providing an opportunity for SLG members to engage in dialogue with the on-site workforce.  We were very pleased to welcome delegates from Western Australia (Woodside, Quadrant and Enermech) to further our cross-Industry collaboration by joining the site visit tour and observing the SLG meeting..…. more >

Big News About Contain It!

The Process Safety Working Group has launched a new promotional video and a website for Contain It! – mobile major accident hazard awareness training….. more >

DROPS Management System Self Assessment Guideline Released

Q: Why is developing a Common Rig Certification scheme like eating an elephant?   A: You have to do it one step at a time. The Rig Site Safety Working Group (RSSWG) has released a DROPS Management System Self Assessment Guideline.  The RSSWG hopes to use DROPS processes and tools as the basis for future expansion to broader rig certification activities.  As such, release of this Guideline is the first step toward developing a Common Rig Certification scheme…. more >

Whoosh! – Witness a Live Gas Fire at the Upcoming Process Safety Incident Review Forum

Safer Together’s popular mobile major accident hazard awareness training program Contain It! will be a highlight event at the upcoming Process Safety Incident Review Forum in November. Along with detailed presentations, analysis and shared learning of process safety event investigations, there will be a Contain It! session in which trained experts provide controlled live fire demonstrations of loss of containment leading to ignition and explosion….. more >

“You Can’t Ask That” – DCIIRP #10 Panel Sparks Lively Discussion

Drillers have a reputation for being no-nonsense problem solvers who speak their mind.  The lively discussion at the DCIIRP #10 Panel proved to be no exception to this rule.  Encouraged to dispense with the “You Can’t Ask That” convention, the panellists and attendees took to the discussion with great enthusiasm.  In so doing, they exhibited the behaviours that we want to see in this Industry. “Take Action. Be Credible. Speak Up”.  This lively, frank, open and honest discussion will help the Queensland Natural Gas Industry along its journey to achieving its Safer Together Vision “Together, develop a safer Natural Gas Exploration & Production Industry in Queensland”….. more >

How We Are Helping to Build and Maintain Healthy Workplaces – For Every Worker, Every Organisation, Every Day

The Office of Industrial Relations Queensland – Workplace Health and Safety, SuperFriend and WorkCover Queensland, have formed LeadingWell Queensland to support Queensland workplaces to build and maintain mentally healthy workplaces – for every worker, every organisation, every day.  Safer Together has now linked to LeadingWell Queensland through our Health Matters web portal….. more >

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