In September 2017, The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) launched its long-awaited, clean and sleek new website.

First actioned in October 2016 by the NRSPP Steering Committee, the revitalisation of the NRSPP website has been quite a journey. Not only will information be easier to search for but can be easily linked to. That painful barrier of logging in is outdated so we removed it.

We invite everyone to draw on the growing resources within the Knowledge Centre and help build expand the growing database by contributing content to it. Join the Partnership and feel free to share your posters, policies, research, templates, etc. for others to build off.

A new addition is the introduction of Blogs – Stories and Inspiration for Staying Safe on Our Roads – where our partners can help build content. For example, Youi as part of its Partner Commitment will be providing monthly blogs that are based on data and trends extracted from its claims data, and will be written in a viral, engaging manner to help NRSPP attract younger demographics.

Our aim is to make it easier for organisations to improve their workplace road safety and not have to duplicate. What may be a simple solution in one organisation could be a revelation in another. It is now easier to access thousands of NRSPP resources and resources from others!

The ultimate goal is – Improving road safety, it’s simply good business!

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