Why Are We in Such a Hurry?

Dave Hurst works as a Production Shift Supervisor at Origin Energy’s BassGas plant. Dave lost two beloved family members in two separate road accidents. The trauma on his family is felt every day….. Read more >

Making It Real: Highlights from the Industry Safety Forum (13 June 2017)

“It’s time to talk about Making It Real” announced Tony Nunan – Managing Director, QGC in his opening address at the recent Industry Safety Forum. “Standardisation, Streamlining and Sharing are at the core of what Safer Together is all about. But improving safety within our industry relies on each of us, as member companies, maximising the value of the tools we’ve been given by adopting and using them.”…. Read more >

Leadership in Action – Senex and Hofco “Boots on for Safety”

Senior leaders from Senex Energy and Hofco Oilfield Services recently paired up to do Safety Leadership Visits to worksites in Senex Energy’s Western Surat Gas Project. Three executives decided to step away from their desks to go and find out for themselves what’s happening at the worksite, and to engage the people on site in a conversation about the safety issues that relate directly to them…. Read more >

How a Unique Partnership is Using Hands to Help Ourselves and Help Others

At the recent Industry Safety Forum, delegates participated in an activity to build 50 prosthetic hands that will be donated to landmine victims in the developing world. At the same time, each delegate was given a powerful reminder about the importance of hand safety in our industry…. Read more >

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