NRSPP would like to warmly welcome EcoLab as a Program Partner and looks forward to working with them in the future.

Who is EcoLab?

Ecolab delivers comprehensive solutions and on-site service to promote safe food, maintain clean environments, optimize water and energy use and improve operational efficiencies. This is typically providing chemical solutions to; food & beverage manufacturing, hospitality, aged care facilities, textile care (commercial laundries), fast food restaurants, supermarkets, oil & gas production – refining and processes, healthcare, cooling towers and pest control. What defines Ecolab is as a service provider that goes to client site. Typical we are a premium contractor with a ‘high value add’ due to our specialisation in providing chemical solutions to industry.

The size of the ANZ Ecolab fleet is approximately 600 subject to change given projects or tenders that are active.( i.e. End of March 2017 – 567).
The number of potential drivers due to work related needs can occasionally drive personal or rental vehicles could include up to 700. Annually EcoLab vehicles can travel nearly 90 million kilomteres per annum.

What does road safety mean to EcoLab?

The nature of delivering expertise and building on site solutions means Ecolab is in the frontline of road
safety initiatives. It is makes road safety part of the DNA at Ecolab to ensure it is a thought leader on road
safety matters and due to the very nature of our service to client.

As examples of EcoLab insights please refer to Global Driver Safety Policy and Global Safe Driving Mobile and Device Policy that outline ‘some’ of our initiatives utilising global resources.

Why become a Program Partner?

The value the Ecolab brand and resources could bring to NRSPP would provide insights from Australia & New Zealand as well as what is happening globally to tap into more strategic trends.

What are EcoLab’s NRSPP road safety commitments?

  1. To share vehicle incident statistics for comprehensive benchmarking exercise with similar sized companies given similar numbers in fleet vehicles & staff (i.e. in consultation with NRSPP)
  2. To provide Thought Leadership piece on driver distraction with Ecolab’s tactical and strategic challenges to address ‘how’ to move forward into 2020.
  3. Share past and current past Driver Safety campaigns from Ecolab given the latest trends around technology, social and demographic trends.

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