• Hyundai Auto Link delivers real-time driver and vehicle analysis to Apple and Android smartphone users
  • Technology monitors good and bad driver habits to encourage smoother, more economical driving
  • Hyundai Motor Company Australia is the first Hyundai subsidiary worldwide to launch the Auto Link platform

Hyundai has launched a world-first smartphone app that helps new i30 owners become better drivers.

Standard on new i30 variants, Hyundai Auto Link is technology that connects your car’s smart computer to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, keeping track of your car’s performance and providing analytical information so you can get more out of life with your i30.

The comprehensive new information platform delivers real-time driving data – and much more – to i30 owners’ smartphones.

Hyundai Auto Link offers seamless access to everything from real-time vehicle diagnostics, including tyre pressure monitoring and vehicle ‘health-check’ status, to driving history statistics, parking management, easy service scheduling and automatic access to roadside assistance if required.

Hyundai Motor Company Australia (HMCA) is Hyundai’s first subsidiary worldwide to offer the sophisticated new information platform. It was trialled extensively locally before being launched to i30 owners earlier this month.

Hyundai Auto Link has been fitted to all new i30s (PD) since the vehicle’s launch in April 2017, thus existing owners can access the technology by simply downloading the app.

“Hyundai Auto Link offers i30 drivers deeper ownership involvement with their car as well as with their driving,” says HMCA Sales Academy and Training Manager, Glenn Forster.

“Auto Link uses real-time driving history statistics to monitor and analyse bad driving habits, including rapid acceleration, hard braking and so much more. Using that information, owners are able to adjust their driving style for smoother, more fuel-efficient driving and, importantly, less wear and tear on their car.”

Hyundai Auto Link also lets drivers compare their driving statistics with those of other i30 owners.

“As with all its functions, Hyundai Auto Link information screens are available in real time simply by swiping across your smartphone screen,” Glenn Forster says.

Other features include Parking Management, which provides a parking timer and helps locate your car in large car parks.

Via its Vehicle Health Check, Vehicle Health Report and Maintenance functions, Hyundai Auto Link also provides service schedule information while monitoring the replacement cycle of consumable parts, even scheduling a required service with the owner’s preferred Hyundai dealer.

Hyundai Auto Link also connects i30 owners with their free MyHyundai account to receive weekly reports and driving statistics.

HMCA Chief Operating Officer Scott Grant said Hyundai Auto Link is yet another example of Hyundai’s pro-active approach to introducing advanced technology.

“All our cars are extremely well equipped with an impressive array of sophisticated technology,” Mr Grant said. “Hyundai has always been quick to introduce new technology, and Hyundai Auto Link has again allowed us to be in the forefront of automotive tech with an even newer, and more exciting information platform.

“If you have a smartphone in your pocket, Hyundai Auto Link offers you the closest connection you’ve ever had with your car and the way you drive and look after it,” he said. “It’s a fascinating development and we’re excited to be the first Hyundai subsidiary globally to offer the platform to new i30 owners.”

Initially only available on new i30 variants, Hyundai Auto Link will gradually be rolled out across the Hyundai range. Importantly Hyundai Autolink is not a static platform – its capabilities and features will be further developed in the months and years to come.

Existing new i30 (PD) owners can download the app free of charge from the Apple and Android app stores. Supported minimum operating systems for smartphones are Android OS – 4.3 version (post Galaxy S3) and iPhone iOS 8.1.

Hyundai Auto Link contains a number of features including:

  • Driving Information – Displays current distance, current travel time, today’s distance, today’s travel time, fuel efficiency, and fuel consumption
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring – Displays the individual pressure status of each tyre on the vehicle (if the tyre pressure is not within the standard tolerances, the tyre pressure will be displayed in red)
  • Driving History – Provides the owners driving history including, arrival time, maximum speed, average speed, average fuel efficiency, fuel consumption, rapid acceleration, hard braking, distance and travel time
  • Crowd comparison – Allows the user to compare their economical driving with other i30 owners
  • Parking Management – Provides parked vehicle location and parking time reminders
  • RSA (Roadside assistance) – Allows the user to contact the RSA directly if a problem occurs with their vehicle
  • Statistics (ECO Driving) – Provides statistics of the user’s driving pattern (results can be viewed either daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Statistics (Speed) – Provides statistics for the vehicle’s speed pattern
  • Vehicle Health Check – Checks the vehicle status and if a problem is detected, it can connect to Hyundai Customer Care
  • Vehicle Health Report – Provides a vehicle health report (listed by date order)
  • Maintenance – Tracks consumable parts and provides service reminders
  • Hyundai Dealer Network – Displays dealer information on the map and allows the user to select their preferred dealer
  • Message Box – A messaging system to allow contact from your preferred Hyundai dealer or Hyundai Customer Care
  • Map – Provides your current or searched locations on a map
  • myHyundai – Hyundai Auto Link is linked with the myHyundai website to provide you with convenient functions for your vehicle

For further information on Hyundai Auto Link please visit: http://www.hyundai.com.au/owning/auto-link

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