Welcome: New Members and New Appointment
We extend a warm welcome to 3 new member companies that joined our community of safety leaders in April 2017…more >

Industry Safety Induction Exceeds Expectations
Safer Together’s Competence and Behaviour Working Group (CBWG) recently completed their review of the Industry Safety Induction (ISI) for the March 2017 Quarter. The Group was very pleased to note that the ISI is meeting, or exceeding, all targets that have been established for the Program…more >

Safer Together Collaborates with NRSPP
Safer Together members operate within a common geographical area in Queensland, which involves many overlaps with communities and regulators. We use similar technologies with common hazards and risks. As a result, collaboration on safety is a natural outcome…more >

Coming Soon: Land Transport Incident Review Panel
On 30 August 2017 Safer Together’s Land Transport Working Group will run a half-day Incident Review Panel in Brisbane. Hosted by Arrow Energy and Schlumberger on behalf of Safer Together, this event is for member and non-member Operating and Contract Partner Companies and is free-of-charge…more >

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