NRSPP would like to warmly welcome Road Trauma Support Services Victoria (RTSSV) as a Program Partner and looks forward to working with them in the future.

RTSSV is partnering with NRSPP to coincide with their Shine a Light on Road Safety Campaign for 2017 which aligns with the Fourth United Nations Global Road Safety Week to be held from the 8-14 May 2017. Save Lives: #SlowDown

Who is RTSSV?

RTSSV provides free information, support and counselling to people impacted by road trauma.

RTSSV supports more than 3,000 Victorians each year and their clients include families, friends and colleagues; injured people and their carers; drivers and passengers; witnesses and emergency service workers. A referral isn’t required and anyone impacted by a transport incident can call them for support.

RTSSV provides a safe and caring space for the community to come together. Peer support programs such as art therapy and community events, such as the Time for Remembering and Shine a Light on Road Safety, bring people together to strengthen wellbeing and to advocate for road safety.

RTSSV is a not-for-profit organization.

Shine a Light on Road Safety – RTSSV and Industry Partnership

No one should have to suffer the devastating impacts of road trauma and Shine a Light on Road Safety is a community campaign to raise awareness, to stop deaths and injuries on our roads and to raise funds to support those impacted by road trauma.

Shine a Light on Road Safety is held in May each year as part of the United Nations Global Road Safety Week and has three main parts

1. Headlights: On Friday 12 May, motorists are asked to turn on their headlights as a simple, free and highly visible gesture, to remember those impacted by road trauma and show commitment to road safety. Messaging is displayed on major roads and is backed by a strong media campaign highlighting the cost of road trauma in our community.
2. Illuminations: In the second week of May key Australian landmarks will be illuminated in yellow for road safety.
3. Community events to bring together those impacted by road trauma including a walk at Albert Park Lake and a Wimmera road safety event. More information here.

RTSSV encourages people to speak out against road trauma and to shine a light on why road safety is so important. The campaign receives wide spread coverage on TV, print, radio and social media.

Shine a Light on Road Safety is supported by all the key Victorian road safety agencies and Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer, Victoria Police is the campaign ambassador.

Why is industry getting behind Shine a Light on Road Safety and RTSSV?

Shine a Light on Road Safety provides an opportunity to put road safety front, centre of mind of the business sector, and mobilise them to help support their services.

Everyone can play a part in road safety and RTSSV encourages the business sector to get involved by asking drivers to turn on their headlights for road safety and sharing campaign messages.

RTSSV proudly partners with businesses who share their commitment to road safety and supporting those impacted by road trauma. Here’s what their partners say:

EastLink is proud to be a founding sponsor of the Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign. As the operator of Melbourne’s safest freeway, EastLink understands the importance of promoting safe driving habits in the wider community. EastLink is also now undertaking trials to help with the introduction of automated vehicle technologies, which will significantly improve road safety.” Charles Griplas, EastLink Managing Director

CityLink is committed to keeping our road users safe and we support RTSSV for their invaluable contribution in raising awareness of the impact of road traumas and assisting affected families. Shine a Light on Road Safety is an incredibly worthwhile initiative to remind us all of the importance of driving safely.” CityLink

Maurice Blackburn lawyers will again be joining road users around Victoria to support the Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign in 2017. At Maurice Blackburn Lawyers we provide expert legal services to people who are victims of road trauma. We see the devastating impact it has on them, their family and their friends. In addition to being a sponsor of the campaign, members of the team at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers will take part in the community walk on Sunday 7 May and turn their headlights on on Friday 12 May to show our commitment to road safety. We thank RTSSV for the opportunity to support the Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign and encourage everyone to get involved.” Canda Glanville, Principal Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Slater and Gordon Lawyers are proud to partner with RTSSV on the 2017 Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign to raise awareness of the impact of road trauma on individuals and our community. As an organisation that specialises in providing legal support to those impacted by road trauma, we see all too often the lasting impact this can have on people’s lives and are passionate advocates for safer road conditions for all Australians. We are proud to partner with an organisation such as RTSSV who provide such an invaluable service to all those impacted by road trauma and bring greater awareness to this important issue. “ Joanne Panagakis, State Practice Group Leader, MVA, Slater and Gordon

Shine Lawyers is proud to join RTSSV in shining a light on road safety. Every day, we see the impact that road traumas have on the lives of our clients and their loved ones and through our work, we strive to ensure they have the support and care they need to rebuild their lives. Through this important initiative, RTSSV and Shine Lawyers are working together towards our common goal of ensuring safer roads and greater support for those impacted by road trauma. We encourage all Victorians to get involved, turn on their headlights and demonstrate their commitment to road safety.” Stuart Le Grand, Shine Lawyers General Manager

The Stillwell Motor Group is very pleased to be supporting a campaign that is so closely related to our everyday lives. We have been in the automotive industry for over 60 years and are very passionate about supplying Melbourne with safe, reliable and quality serviced prestige vehicles. Shine a Light or Road Safety aligns with ours and our manufacturer’s 2020 strategic goals; as a provider of premium vehicles, safety is fundamental to the group’s sense of product responsibility. This goes for our customers’ safety as well as that of other road users. SMG are proud to support and be involved in the amazing work that RTSSV is doing to raise awareness of road safety within our community.” Mr Colin Gamble, Stillwell Motor Group CEO

As a regional law firm that assists country people who have been victims of road trauma, we are very aware of the huge impact road trauma has on our community. We are proud supporters of the Shine a Light on Road Safety Campaign and support the work that the Road Trauma Support Services Victoria does.” Caroline Grainger and Joanne Santos, Founders of Grainger Legal

The value of the work undertaken by RTSSV with people affected by road trauma is making a real difference to victims and the families of victims and at the same time their education programs are changing attitudes of drivers. We are proud to support their work.” Jake Smith, Narva Marketing Manager

What are some of RSSTV NRSPP actions?

1. Awareness: Raise awareness of road safety nationally through our Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign (headlights, illuminations of landmarks & publicity)

2. Support: Our professional counsellors can provide information sessions, guidance and factsheets to organisations whose staff have been impacted by road trauma. Our counsellors are experts in their field and have been practicing since 1999. Our counselling services are free to all Victorians and are an adjunct to many corporate EAP programs. We support broad cross section of Victorians impacted by road trauma including drivers, culpable and otherwise.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility: Highly visible and impactful engagement opportunities through Shine a Light on Road Safety, fundraising and sponsorship.