We will let you into a little secret: Tyre wear – The tell all of how you really drive!

When an ADI instructor observes your driving, we already have a good idea how you drive based on the condition and wear patterns of your tyres, when observing this we are referring to how the tyre is used not how the wheels are aligned.

This is what we can tell from your driving style

  • Correct speeds on highways will leave a dull sheen
  • Speeds constantly over 80KPH, the dull sheen will be evident and lines appear similar to the lines you see on the palm of your hand
  • Speeds at 120KPH and over, the lines, similar to the ones on the palm of your hand become more apparent
  • Exposure to Gravel, the dull sheen look becomes pitted; it will look as though someone has attacked your tread with a wire brush!
  • High speed on Gravel, what was light pitting becomes deeper, more evident and can look like small pyramids on the top of your tread
  • Overusing Cruise Control will cause the trailing edge of the outer tread to appear as a small wave. The tyre flexes in to a bend as the cruise control accelerates against the resistance, this means that you – the driver, must turn more than usual
  • Chunks out of your tyre will be clearly evident and are often caused by, wheel spin or excessive movement on gravel roads with large rocks. The vehicle goes beyond the floating sensation that drivers may experience of gravel and results in damage to the tyres

It is possible to have a combination of the above. A fast driver on tarmac, driving too fast on gravel and too often, and too much use of Cruise Control is a common combination of patterns that we come across in Regional Australia.

A great example is where speed is heavily policed the biggest problem of tyre wear is from Cruise Control. Outer Regions of Australia where Gravel is more prevalent tyres can be exposed to greater damage and wear much quicker than the average

Now you know what to look for, what do your tyres say about you? We would love to hear your feedback