Key Outcomes:

  • In-vehicle camera systems are a powerful risk management and safety improvement tool
  • The cameras have resulted in better dialogue with and compliance by company and contract drivers with safe driving practices
  • Ongoing collaboration with heavy vehicle manufacturers and parts suppliers to develop safer cabin environments
  • Trucks are involved in less incidents, and the system has driven opportunities to contribute to the wider community and safety
  • Positive implications for driver and community welfare, fleet maintenance, reputation and costs


When leading road transport provider Toll NQX, part of Toll Group, installed in-vehicle camera systems in its long haul fleet in mid-2011, it was not expecting to shake the conventional wisdom that speed and fatigue are the greatest safety risks for truck drivers. Today, it has compelling evidence that driver distraction also poses a significant incident risk. This insight is changing the way Toll NQX operates its fleet, manages risk, and engages with drivers and contractors.