Organisation: SA Power Networks

Annual km travelled: 20 million Staff: 2,000+ K


SA Power Networks faces a multitude of safety risks, ranging from risks for specific items of equipment to general risks associated with supplying power. This was reflected in its approach to maximising workplace road safety performance, from identifying and acting on individual risks to building a positive safety culture. Rather than ‘reinventing the wheel’, the organisation adapted proven approaches to meet its own challenges.

Key outcomes

  • Identifying and addressing specific risks can be individual steps to building a strong workplace road safety culture over time.
  • An education rather than punishment approach is more effective in driving desired behaviours and worker engagement with safety measures.
  • Industry partnerships, which utilise and share best safety practice, can reduce individual resources required while maximising the likelihood of a successful outcome.
  • By acting as a leading indicator of driver behaviour, collecting and analysing in-vehicle data can highlight potential issues to prevent incidents from occurring.
  • Monitoring data maximises return on investment by showing where focusing resources will have the most safety benefit, for individuals and the organisation.
  • Visible leadership, regular communication and genuine consultation around safety drive buy-in and engagement with individual measures and an overall road safety culture