• Australia Post has over 15,000 vehicles on our country’s roads on any given day.
  • Our people travel on average 17 million kilometres per month.
  • As one of the largest fleet of vehicles in any Australian organisation we have a significant presence on our roads and have an opportunity to be a role model of exemplary road safety.
  • Poor road safety behaviours by our workforce can have a significant impact on our customers and the community. We are also significantly impacted by the road safety behaviours present in the community.
  • We work to improve community attitudes to driving behaviours, as we know that behaviour change is a critical tool for community safety.
  • Through our large, visible presence on our nation’s roads we are uniquely positioned to create a meaningful movement for community road safety at a national, state and local level. Our large national retail footprint provides an additional channel for engaging the community.
  • Our road safety program consists of advocacy, programs and initiatives, informed by evidence and designed to ensure that every Australian has exposure to contemporary thinking about road safety.