If anyone knows about the importance of safer vehicles in reducing road injuries and fatalities, it would be emergency first responders who deal with road trauma on a daily basis. New research on the personal attitudes of police officers towards vehicle safety put that to the test, with some surprising results.

This webinar takes you through the surprising research findings explored by the NSW Police Force reharding how their workers get to work and understanding of safe vehicles.

Senior Sergeant Mick Timms is a member of the NSW Police Force since 1987, is Work Health Safety-Due Diligence Officer for Traffic and Highway Patrol Command. Specialising in Highway Patrol and road policing for 30 years, he has held a range of operational and management positions.

“The simple message is driving the safest possible vehicle is an effective way to reduce road deaths and serious injuries.”

“The bottom line is that road safety is work safety and vice versa.”

NSW Police invites organisations to use the survey to understand what their workers are driving to work. This can act as a conversation starter for understanding why safer vehicles matter. Access the survey used and full Thought Leadership piece: Safer Vehicles, Safer Roads: How Are Your People Getting To Work?