This quick fact focuses on why 40km/h zones exist. It highlights some key facts and statistics.

Often we see a speed limit sign in certain areas like schools and road works to drive at 40km/h where there are important factors to consider such as road works and the safety of vulnerable road users.

Why do 40km/h zones exist, and why is it important to drive safely in these high-risk areas?

The “Using a mobile phone while driving: Australian survey 2020” was conducted by insurer Budget Direct.

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This survey was conducted by Google Surveys on behalf of Budget Direct in January 2020. All figures are from this research unless stated otherwise. The survey was conducted online with a total sample size of 1,000 weighted and representative of all Australian adults (aged 18+).

  • If you’re caught using a mobile phone in a school zone in NSW the fine increases to $457. In the ACT, if you’re caught doing anything more on your phone than speaking, the penalty increases to a $589 fine and 4 demerit points.