NRSPP Monthly Bulletin – December 2023 – No. 108

Welcome to the latest newsletter from the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP). NRSPP is a government-supported, industry-led collaborative network which aims to support Australian businesses and organisations to develop a positive road safety culture and help protect their workers and the public, not only during work hours but also when staff are ‘off-duty’.

This Edition Will Cover

NRSPP welcomes WACHS as a new Program Partners.

The Retail and Grocery Safety Forum is delivered
as a collaboration between NRSPP and EY and held its third meeting for the year on 9 November. The forum’s theme focused on psychosocial related risks starting with an interactive session led by Innovation Group on “well drivers drive well”; followed by EY’s organisational measures for psychosocial; and then Super Friend closed out with a preliminary glimpse of their Indicators of a Thriving Workplace_2023 Key Insights.

Update on the establishment of NTARC2.0:

  • A new Research Council has been established which includes a representative from NTI, NRSPP and MUARC and is currently meeting fortnightly.
  • Monash University Ethics Approval process is underway.
  • A job advert was issued for a Technical Officer to become the key lead and will be mentored by Adam Gibson in developing the Major Incident Report.
  • Adam Gibson attended the ANCAP Truck Safety Information Day ay Anglesea representing NRSPP and NTI under the NTARC2.0 banner.

Vehicle Safety Research Group (VSRG) made its brand debut which is now under the NRSPP Governance with the release of the 2023 Used Car Safety Ratings. The VSRG brand was designed by the Swinburne University Design Bureau who will be assisting NRSPP with the group’s communications and design outreach.

The Construction Logistics and Community Safety – Australia is in the final stages of implementation and will be launched early in the new year. Jerome Carslake presented to ARTSA-I at PACCAR on CLOCS-A with a focus on the new vehicle standards.

NRSPP delivered two webinars:

  • Well Drivers Drive Well
  • Used Car Safety Ratings for 2023: A New Focus

NRSPP Program Director featured in a number of media interviews such as What Really Makes a Difference for Safety? Here’s What Research Shows – Drive Podcast

To help inform NRSPP 2024 Organisational Campaign on Fitness-for-Duty a survey has been released inviting organisations and workers to complete.