NRSPP Case Study: Mitchell Services Limited: Drivers in hire vehicles and remote areas: How technology helped address a range of critical risks


Journey management is a key risk for many organisations. With workers in remote areas and often in hire cars, mining services provider Mitchell Services needed a mobile safety
solution. An app was the clear choice, but the company’s approach to developing and implementing its new journey management system created an outcome that met the needs
of, and was accepted by, its workforce while allowing Mitchell Services to meet operational and regulatory demands.

Key Outcomes

  • Identifying and controlling critical risks may require more
    effort than simply ‘complying’ but has greater benefits for
    your business and your people
  • Introducing safety solutions that are tailored for your requirements and address your specific challenges are more effective and meaningful than one-size-fits-all approaches
  • Utilising technology-based solutions allows flexibility in configuring and upgrading products so that critical risks are controlled in a way that works for your situation
  • Considering how as well as what safety measures are implemented can be critical in driving acceptance, especially where measures reflect a new approach
  • Incorporating input from the workers safety measures are designed to protect drives fit-for-purpose solutions that are more likely to be accepted and utilised by those workers
  • A continual improvement attitude drives sustained
    progress in safety outcomes, with flow-on benefits for
    wider business performance.