Represented organisations: 10

No. of staff: 10,000+

  • Industry Road Safety Alliances can be a powerful force to improve road safety outcomes across regional areas;
  • Partnerships that bring together industry with local and state government authorities have a much stronger chance of creating change by combining those with a passion for road safety with agencies who have authority over the road network;
  • Persistence is required to educate road users and change road user behaviour in the community and individual workplaces;
  • Collective knowledge and action, working to consistent agreed priorities, has a far greater reach and chance of changing attitudes than individual action;
  • When education results in workers realising the choices they and others make on the road affects everyone’s safety, they can become road safety champions within workplaces and the community;
  • Industry road safety alliances need to be proactive in remaining relevant and enthusiastic to continually demonstrate their value.


Increasing demand on an ageing road network spurred local action to improve road safety in a fast growing region visited by millions each year. The resulting alliance of industry and local and state government authorities has resulted in multiple road safety initiatives that have improved crash rates and changed attitudes in workplaces and across the community.