The National Fleet Safety Benchmarking project has been proposed to provide a user-friendly online benchmarking resource which will provide organisations with an online analysis and summary of fleet performance, road safety cultural maturity and trends over time. The development of the tool involves five stages, with each stage designed to promote active collaboration between government, research and industry. This report describes the methodologies used in completing stages one and two and the resulting feedback from the industry consultation process.

Stage one of Fleet Safety Benchmarking Project consisted of conducting an international literature review and establishing industry and researcher review panels to support the successful project implementation. The literature review was peer reviewed by the researcher review panel and submitted to ARRB and the NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust. A total of 81 studies/reports were included in the final report that was submitted.

The literature review identified many challenges that are involved in establishing a successful benchmarking program.

Stage two of the Fleet Safety Benchmarking Project consisted of engaging stakeholders through national consultation for the purposes of seeking feedback and input for the development of the benchmarking tool framework, questions and measures. Based on the outcomes of stage one and the input from both the review panels, a public discussion paper was developed and released.

Subsequent to the public discussion paper, three national workshops were conducted and attended by industry and members of the public. Feedback from participants was sought on the measures and matrix proposed within the discussion paper. The three workshops were hosted in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth on 29 September, 1 October and 3 October, respectively. A total of 73 people representing 52 organisations registered to attend the workshops.

The National Fleet Safety Benchmarking Project was funded by the NRMA Road Safety Trust and finalised for public release on 4/06/2015.